People everywhere describe their relationships with brands of all kinds in deeply personal ways—we hate our banks, love our smartphones, and think the cable company is out to get us. What's up with that anyway? The HUMAN Brand provides surprising insights and interesting stories about how and why we make the choices we do.

A Fortune 500 executive and an Ivy League psychology professor worked together for three years researching customer loyalty in the digital age. Here's the unlikely story of how we came together to write this book.

Chris Malone is a recognized loyalty expert whose advice is sought by trusted media outlets.



Axiom Business Book Awards
The HUMAN Brand was recognized with a 2014 Silver Axiom Business Book Award in the Networking category. Read press release.


International Book Awards
The HUMAN Brand was named the winner of the 2014 International Book Award in the Business: Motivational category. Read press release.

Recent Praise

"The HUMAN Brand is a brilliant synthesis of psychological science and marketing wisdom. Engaging, insightful, and deeply original, an essential book for every business reader."
Dan Gilbert, bestselling author of Stumbling On Happiness and Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology at Harvard University

"“How do we earn the lasting loyalty of others? Chris & Susan provide some fundamental, yet powerful insights into building relationships that matter. They challenge us to ‘come out from behind the curtain’ and to lead with courage, conviction and heart. Never before has the humanization of brands and leadership been so vital to success.”"
Jay Gould, President & Chief Executive Officer, American Standard Brands

“The HUMAN Brand is a must read for those who want a truly evolved understanding of how to earn loyalty and create lasting relationships with customers. It's a timely look at how modern corporations hold onto customers... and how we drive them away.”
Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer, General Electric

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